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If you maintain your website using FTP, use FileZilla - it's easy to use, and it's free. Available for PC, Mac and Linux.

We deliver, because your internet service matters.

Let's face facts: Today, Internet access is almost a requirement for the average person. Whether it's a business owner conducting business with clients and vendors on the World Wide Web, or a teenager doing research for a term paper or getting the latest dish on her favorite band, the Internet has become an indispensible tool.

High speed wireless internet access for your home or office .

Desert Wireless can help you make the most of the Internet, whether through the use of high-speed wireless Internet access, dedicated high-speed leased-line access, email, web hosting or our consulting services.

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Desert Wireless is a local company, headquartered in Victorville and owned by Victorville residents. Desert Wireless has the experience you need, with years of experience in the Internet service provider industry, as well as in website development and programming. Desert Wireless is your best choice for Internet services in the Victor Valley.

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